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Global dimension - Neon Smart Home

 Throughout Spring 2016 I worked in teams from The Pennsylvania State University and Corvinus University of Budapest. Our teams were tasked by Neon Smart Home, with doing technical research, business research, and create a global business plan for their company. 


     Neon is a Hungarian company, which is a home automation company. NEON’s home automation system is safe and simple and can be accessed through the convenience of a smart phone. 

     Currently Neon is only in Hungary. As Neon is planning to enter  the United States smart home automation market, and the end result of a global business plan was meant to be created to help facilitate the procedure . 

Since that the Penn State half of the team consists completely of engineering majors we decided to tackle the technical research. Also, due to the fact that the Penn State team is based in the United States and has American business information easily accessible we took on most of the business research.

     Overall, this experience enriched my engineering communication skills. In addition to the fact that the team members were from a fruitful mixture of different majors. Half of the team were working from outside of the country. Therefore, the team had to experience working with team members from a different time zone, different culture, and introduced to different new technology applications used now for online communication between engineers. Therefore, I believe that this experience has improved my communication skills to be professional engineer in the globalized world. The experience had its beauty in how it was so globalized and cultural. It is an experience that I will not only remember, but in fact I will be using all of the skills that I learned in this experience throughout my career. 

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