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My journey to model, analyze, and manage complex systems started in 2018. Where I worked for four years as a research specialist at the Center for Complex Systems Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). To read more about the projects, please click on the project name or read more inside the images.

After that, I joined the University of Southern California where I studied Systems Architecting and Engineering. Some of the courses I took in the program include Probability Theory, Systems Engineering, Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering, Systems Architecting, Economic Considerations for Systems Engineering, and Model-Based-Systems Engineering. Below are some of my projects and papers, and the rest of my projects shall be uploaded after official publication.

MS in Systems Architecting and Engineering

2021 -2023 

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Balancing Sustainability and Economics: A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of Residential Alternatives in Saudi Arabia

Research Specialist at the Center for Complex Systems at MIT & KACST

2018- 2021

Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Global Dimension

Internet Resource Guide


Service Learning


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