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Internet Resource Guide

This Internet Resource Guide includes helpful resources for prospective undergraduate mechanical engineering students and for undergraduate mechanical engineering students at The Pennsylvania State University. The resources provided include technical professional journal information about the Mechanical Engineering field, technical database, professional organization, information on helpful websites.


The organization of the Internet Resource Guide includes a table of content that has headlines and sub headlines with their page numbers, which is meant to help the reader easily navigate through the guide. In addition, the guide is supported with graphic images related to the information presented. 


The sources had an invaluable amount of information as a description and a location described the source and where it can be found either with URL or in library journal etc. Furthermore, a concise and informative abstract about the important features of the source. Finally, tips for users were added to maximize the users' profit of the source and improve their experiences.



In my perspective, in this project, I was able to go beyond technical writing as I also focused on improving the overall design of the resource guide and at the same time look back into my college career about the resources that I found most useful. 

To view my Internet Resource Guide click here.


Penn State Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Website.


Mechanical Engineering Journal.


Chegg Study


The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.


Engineering Leadership Development Program


ME 325, Fluids Laboratory Homepage

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