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Smart Logistics

The implementation of automation in the logistics industry is growing exponentially. High-speed delivery and transfer of goods require fast, effective, and reliable logistics systems both inside the warehouses as well as in the transportation system.


In the Smart Logistics project, we are working on the development of automation technologies that enhance the capabilities of the modern state of the art warehouses.

Figure 1: Video of the initial technology testing and simulation using Anylogic. 

To better analyze the current advancements and develop a comprehensive understanding of the effects of our work, we are building a modeling and simulation testbed of the state of the art warehouse. Furthermore, through this approach, we are able to detect bottlenecks, recommend different policies and technologies.

Figure 2: Analysis of different components within the warehouse in figure 1.

My focus in the project was on technology testing and simulation, in which we developed a logistics system and I focused on developing a simulation for the system and tested different technologies within it.



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